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Our Bali Families -
Really Nice People

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Meet our Artists

Bali beads are hand-made in BALI (Indonesia). They are made for us by families who are silversmiths. We are trying to give them as much business as possible to help the artists and their economy.

Meet the Artists

The family that makes the daisy beads are Wayan Sarja, his son Kadek, his daughter Wayan, and his Wife, Wayan. [Wayan means "first born", Kadek means "second born"!] They have been making beads for 3 generations. Kadek is at university, with a little help from Trash City and his other American buyers. He is the first of his family in 11 generations, to go to University, and they have lived in the same family compound all that time. They are a mixture of classic (Malay) Balinese, plus the influx of Indians and Arabs, several hundred years ago.

Sarja and Family From Bali

They love their new TV
They are learning to smile, the younger generation gets it!!!

The family who make our prayer boxes and other beads are Yanik and Min, who are Balinese and Javanese respectively, Hindu and Muslim, respectively. When Min was sixteen, she worked for a big company that paid her $20 a month!!!! Yanik was one of the silversmiths at that company. He's a weightlifting champion, in Bali, but now that he's married he's paying more attention to Min and the business. They fell in love When Min was 20, and spent a fortune having 2 weddings, to keep all the parents happy . . .

Yanik's Mom is a master genius with beads, but can't see well enough to work now. His dad has a great sense of humor and likes to tease the Bule (white folks). . .they have a group of silversmiths that Min brought from Java, because Trash City has so many orders . . .They make our toggles and daisy earrings . . .Yanik has a pet Monkey who hisses at strangers, but loves to be fed by all the kids in the neighborhood . . .

Yanik and Min from Bali

What a lovely couple!

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