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Friday, 28 November 2008 19:17

Made using only the finest Czech and Swarovski Crystals to accent each bead. Available in 12 colors. Clear is available in plain and "AB". AB Crystal ("aurora borealis") shows a rainbow sheen around the crystal, giving you flashes of color surrounding the clear crystals. Stunning beads make excellent spacers in any jewelry design. Available in 2 sizes in the colors and 4 sizes in the clear. Sold by the piece

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Clear Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Rondelles

Available in 5-10mm

Colored Rhinestone Rondelles

Sizes available
5mm (Swarovski in clear only) and 6mm

Size Price Each
Clear "AB" Colors Swarovski
Austrian Crystal
#505 5mm.40 .50
(gold or silver)
.40 .50
(clear/clear AB only)
#506 6mm.50 .75
(gold or silver)
.50 .60
#508 8mm.70
Silvertone only
1.25n/a 1.00
#510 10mm2.00 2.50n/a n/a

Large Slant Rhinestone Rondelle

Swarovski Rhinestone Rondelle Setting
Can be a decorative back for a stud earring
Size is 12mm overall. Setting is for 8mm Cab.
Price is 75 cents each

Sterling Silver 5mm Rhinestone Rondelle
with Satin finish

Now available in birthstone colors too!!
Price is $1.30 each

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