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Wednesday, 21 May 2008 17:52
Who knew these would be so popular?? We've been getting calls from so many types of folks, who are either Airline Employees, Airplane Aficinados, and just plain "like planes"... asking for airplane beads to use in their custom designs. You can use these to make a beaded lanyard to hold your employee badge, or attach them to your cap, keychain, earrings, necklaces... the possibilities are endless. And since we got so many requests for these, we needed to make a page just for you airplane enthusiasts!
Pewter Airplane Beads
Available in three colors
Antique Gold, Shiny Gold and Antique Silver
Drilled through with large hole (3mm)
12mm from tip to end
3.15 each
Pewter Airplane Charms
One style available at the moment
Pewter Silver
18mm long with a ring at the top
$2.50 each
Ceramic Airplane Beads
Really Cute!
Handmade in ceramic in Peru
8mm long - Drilled through
Available in five colors:
Yellow, Aqua, Purple, Blue, Red
$1.25 each
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