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Saturday, 29 November 2008 18:11

Tiki Monster Beads
1/2" diameter, 1 - 2" Long
$7.50 per 10 pieces, assorted. Two colors available. Brown or White

Beads in the shape of what I like to think of as Easter Island statues, and these were probably worn by High Priests during their once a month Virgin sacrifices and are now considered quite retro. Actually, these pieces are drilled through the top only, with the hole exiting through the back of the piece. Each bead is about two inches long and are probably meant to be used as center pieces or pendants. They're really cool and are available in two colors. One is what we like to call "Natural" (or just not washed), so it's kind of brown and the other is a bleached version, all white and pristine. Your choice. Brown or white, good or evil, ebony or ivory.. :-)

Now, what are they made of you ask... hmmmm. In my worldly knowledge, I would venture to say they are made of bone. What type of bone? Well let's just draw a veil over that shall we? I got them from Indonesia, so I can't really tell. But if I had to say something, it would be that they were made of bone. We've named each one appropriately and numbered them. Please specify WHITE OR BROWN when ordering.

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