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Wednesday, 21 May 2008 22:42

Special Pricing for Assorted Styles Fimo Tubes

(special pricing is for these styles ONLY and do not apply to our regular stock!
We have just received these amazing styles from a special close-out deal and are passing the savings onto you!!

All Fimo from this special order are pre-bagged in assorted colors and designs in 1 size. 100 Beads per bag.
Some of the savings are as much as 70% off our regular prices!!

Small Tubes (6x7mm and 5x10mm)  100 beads per bag assorted:  $15.00 per bag (15 cents each!!)

Regular Tubes ((6x12mm, 8x15mm and 5x20mm) 100 beads per bag assorted:  $25.00 per bag (25 cents each!!)

20mm Puffy Discs 100 beads per bag assorted = $30.00 per bag  (30 cents each!!)

Click on the photos to see a closeup of these very SPECIAL OFFERS!!

Antelope 7x9mm - Bag of 100 pieces = $20.00 per bag (20 cents each!!)


8x15 5x12mm

6x12 5x10 20mm puffy disc

Regular stock:  Fimo Tubes and Discs

Tubes are available in two sizes and various prints and colors as follows:
small 1/2" = $20.00 per 100 (35 cents each)
large 3/4" = $40.00 per 100 (60 cents each)
12mm Disc = 75 cents each
20mm Disc = $1.00 each
Those available as discs will be noted.

Chunky Rounds 12mm = 75 cents each PICTURED: PEACE SIGN
Also available in some Flags  - CANADA, CONFEDERATE, STARS AND STRIPES


Round Discs 20mm

Available in 7x18mm (3/4" Tubes )
Special Price on this item:  $25.00 per 100
or 40 cents each

See here for click more Halloween

Pot Leaf

Round Discs 20mm

Available in 1/2" Tubes

Military Camouflage Fimo Tube Beads

Available in 7x18mm and 7x9mm
$20.00 per 100 pieces (7x9mm)    and   $40.00 per 100 pieces (7x18mm)
Camo Tube Large

Pink Flamingoes

Available in 1/2" and 3/4" Tubes

Dolphins, and Sun Faces

Available in 1/2" and 3/4" Tubes

Patriotic Prints

Available in 3/4" Tubes *only*
Stars/Stripes or American Flag

See here for more flags

Animal and Tie-Dye Fimo Tubes

Animal Prints
* = available in 1/2 inch only.
+ = available in 3/4 inch only.
Tie-Dye Prints
White Cow
Dark Cow

Dark Giraffe

White Zebra

Purple Zebra*
Green Zebra
Red Zebra +









Mickey Walter ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) makes these beautiful bracelets using
our spacers and print beads. Click on the picture for a closer look.


Antelope Fimo Tubes:  7x9mm - Bag of 100 pieces = $20.00 per bag (20 cents each!!)


What is Fimo?

Patterns or pictures are made by stacking different colors and different shapes of polymer clay (FIMO) in thin strips about 3 feet long one on top of ther other until a tube at least 6 inches thick is formed. This "tube" is called a cane. The artist who lays up this cane has to be very precise and see that the different colors run perfectly from one end to the other, otherwise the picture will not be the same at various points on the cane. This all means that you should be able to slick through the cane anywhere its length and it will be exactly the same as it appears on each end.

Once the cane is completed, it is carefully rolled down by hand on a flat surface until it is about 3-4 inches thick. This rolling down also makes the cane very much longer, probably about 6 feet at this stage. This process has to be done very carefully so as not to distort the image, because if this happens, the completed cane cannot be used, nothing can be retrieved and it cannot be repaired. A cane has a shelf life of about a year and sections can be cut off to insert into other canes being built, which is why images will appear on tubes or discs or blocks.

The cane can be rolled down to as little as 5mm and still retain the full original picture. To make the tube beads, thin slices of the cane are wrapped around waste clay, which in turn is wrapped around wire rods, then cut to length and baked in a regular oven. All FIMO has to be finally baked as it will otherwise remain soft.

If you break one of these discs in half, you will see the picture running right through from one side to the other and perhaps understand more fully how FIMO beads and discs are created. They are not easy to make.

Now you know as much as we do. Never let it be said that Trash City is not an educational place to shop! :-)

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