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WHOLESALE ONLY: Please give resale & phone numbers with first order.

MINIMUM ORDER: $25 for each and every shipment/order. Orders under $25 goods total may not be shipped, or will be brought to minimum by addition to ordered items. A minimum of $5 or 100 pieces applies to virtually all the gold-filled/silver items; orders for less may be increased or charged the minimum at our discretion.

SAMPLES: We will send occasional samples at your request. Please don't abuse this privilege, and we reserve the right to refuse service. Quite rudely, if necessary! :-)

PAYMENT: Orders shipped prepaid only. Discover, Visa & Mastercard are accepted, as well as PayPal. Foreign charge cards need signed authorization and copy of both sides of card on file prior to shipment. If we need to contact you due to your card being declined, it will add at least a day to processing your order. Please note: cards are not charged through or stored on the Internet. For security reasons, they are processed on a physical terminal here.

Payment by check/money order. Checks must clear our bank before shipment - returned checks charged $20 fee. We won't pack your order until we receive payment; any items that have gone out of stock in the meantime will be credited towards your next order. This is the Vicki Janssen Effect: she ordered $150 worth of stuff, never paid for it, was miffed about us having the temerity to ask for our money, and lied about having cancelled the order. Emails on file in our Black Museum. :-)

Note the difference!

  • OUT OF STOCK: it's out of stock. Feel free to order it again next time. We won't let you know precisely when it arrives, presuming you'll find it elsewhere.

  • BACK ORDERED: we will ship it to you when it arrives, and won't charge shipping. We don't do this for less than our minimum order ($25) unless asked, and any such small orders will be sent first-class, unless you ask and pay the difference in postage. Large e.g. $25+ backorders will likely be sent priority.

  • Ordering out of stock items: feel free to order anything marked as out of stock on the cart. We'll keep your order to hand until all the items are available on it are available. If this poses a problem, let us know.

SHIPPING: Normally we use USPS Priority Mail, or Global Priority Mail for international packages. Insurance is $1.20 plus $1.00/$100 value or part thereof, and is recommended because we do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to uninsured parcels! We replace insured lost goods immediately, rather than making you wait 6-8 weeks while the Post Office processes the claim. As insurance is not available overseas, all such parcels are sent entirely at buyer's risk. If you want it quicker, we use Express Mail, from $17.00

RETURNS: See the separate Return Policy, which forms part of these terms and conditions.

PARCELS UNCLAIMED for any reason will be assessed a 10% restocking fee, plus shipping charges.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors. Prices are basically accurate with the odd change here and there, either up or down, depending on the item. The shopping cart is most likely to be correct, if there's a discrepancy.

ORDER ERRORS. We will screw up your order. If not this time, then perhaps next - it's a side-effect of us being human, along with love, art and a longing for Marie Callender's Kahlua Cream Cheese pies. Bring missing items, etc. to our attention and we'll do what we can to fix them, but do not ask us to FedEx Overnight single letter blocks, as our hysterical laughter may offend [this has happened!]. Remember our severely flexible returns policy; next time it may be you who messes up! :-)

PRIVACY We won't pass on your information to anyone else, but would like to send you irregular emails when we get new and interesting stuff in. If you don't want these, just ask, and we'll happily take you off the list.

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