Sterling Silver Prayer Boxes
Thursday, 22 May 2008 03:02

Item #PE692S - 12mm Bali Prayer Box
All Sterling silver
Hand etched, hinged.
Approximately 12x12mm
Heavy duty bail
$7.50 each

Item #PE668L - 18mm Bali Prayer Box
All Sterling silver
Hand etched, hinged.
Approximately 18x18mm
Heavy duty bail
$10.50 each
 18mm prayer box

All handmade in Bali for us exclusively by families who are silversmiths. We are trying to give them as much business as possible to help the artists and their economy. Want to know about our "Bali Families"?

There are three sizes in stock, each beautifully handstamped, hinged with a brass pin (for greater strength) and with a heavy duty bail for hanging as a pendant, charm, etc. The 12x12mm box is created from lots of teeny pieces of sterling silver.

What is a prayer box? Apparently, you put your prayers in it, your wishes, and open it whenever you need to. These are very spiritual pieces. The ancient Tibetan Buddhist religion believed that putting your prayer into these boxes would ensure that it would be answered. Prayer box pendants were worn on chains that kept the prayer near the heart. Some designers fill them with medicinal herbs or aromatherapy botanicals. Naturally, you are the creator of each unique box's outcome and story. Sold by the piece.

We also have Prayer Boxes in Pewter
and more Bali and Bali Style beads and findings

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