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Monday, 24 November 2008 16:22

See also Czech Glass Rhinestone Round
a.k.a. European Fireballs

NEW! Czech Press Glass OVAL BEADS with GOLD STARS
#PB663  13 x 10mm oval with gold star
Colors Available: cobalt, crystal matte, black matte, light aqua matte,
hematite, light sapphire, amethyst, teal.
25 cents each
oval with gold stars

Czech Glass 4mm Flat Backs!
Crystal and Crystal AB
Sold by the gross
4mm flat backs to glue onto anything!
$8.00 per gross (144)


Czech Glass 4mm Glass Druk Beads!
Weird limited stock, gorgeous!
Sold by the 8" Strand (50 beads)
4mm long, drilled through
$3.00 per strand
COLORS: Gun Metal(Matte), Blue/Grey(transparent) and Taupe(Matte)

Also available loose in white
100 beads for $6.00 or 10 cents each


Czech Glass 6mm "GoldenEye"
Eye of Providence Pyramid beads

25 cents each
These are, at the moment, out of stock, but we're begging our factory to make them for us again in different colors!!
eye of providence
The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God)
is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light
or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle.
It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God
watching over humankind (or divine providence).


Czech Glass 7x12mm Glass Mushroom Beads!
Rare! Gorgeous!
Sold by the piece in assorted colors!
drilled through (.040" hole) Top to Bottom
$2.00 per bead
COLORS: Red, Black, Green, Brown

More Mushrooms, Click HERE


Czech Glass Fire Polish Gold Lined "Dior" Wedding Beads
Used in beaded wedding gowns and accessories
Sold by the piece
Clear with Gold Lining
Available in 4mm Faceted Round = $10.00 per 100
5x8mm Faceted Oval = $25.00 per 100
7x10mm Faceted Teardrop = $1.00 per bead
Click on the picture to see a closeup



Czech Glass Shamrock Beads!
8x10mm Drilled Through (top to bottom)
Available in three colors
Black with Silver Shamrock, Black with Gold Shamrock and Red with Gold Shamrock
25 cents each

More St. Patrick's Day items


Czech Glass 10mm Spotted Beads
Round beads with small holes
Three colors available
Yellow, White and Black
100 beads for $10.00 or 20 cents each


Czech Glass 11mm Rock Nugget Beads
Nugget shapes 11mm approximately
Three colors available
Coral, Lavender, Grey Combo
100 beads for $15.00 or 25 cents each
Click on the picture to see a close-up


Czech Glass Bohemian Glass (Opal) 6mm Round
Available in assorted colors
Sold by the strand (70-75 beads)
Picture shows Opal quality (translucence)
$3.00 per strand
Click on the picture to see a close-up and colors available


Czech Glass Fire Polish Assortment Bags
All assorted
100 Grams per bag
$10.00 per bag
That's a lot of beads!
Click on the picture to see a close-up


Czech Glass Pressed Glass Assortment Bags
Available ONLY in Blues [Pink is sold out]
100 Grams per bag
$10.00 per bag
Click on the picture to see a close-up


Czech Glass Pony Beads
Excellent for use with Breast Cancer Awareness Charms

#7101 Dark Pink
9mm Czech Glass
10 cents each OR
$6.00 per 100 pieces
#7011 Light Pink
9mm Czech Glass
10 cents each OR
$6.00 per 100 pieces
Click on the picture to see a close-up


Czech Glass Moon and Stars Beads
Gold carved design
13mm beads drilled through
Available in six Colors
15 cents each or $10.00 per 100
Colors may be assorted to get the 100 piece discount
Emerald Green, Clear, Cobalt Blue, Deep Red, Matte White and Jet Black



See also: heart shaped beads

Czech Glass 16mm Ice Cloud Heart Beads
16mm beads drilled through
40 cents each
Clear with white "cloud" center
Also Clear with Light Green center

Czech Glass 8mm Clear Heart Beads
8mm beads drilled through
15 cents each

Czech Glass Victorian Heart Beads
Flower Etching
17mm beads drilled through
Available in two Colors
55 cents each
Red and Amethyst

Czech Glass Beveled Heart Beads
#CZ713 - 16x15mm beads drilled through
Available in six Colors
55 cents each
Capri Blue with diffusion,Amber with diffusion, Green with Chartreuse
Green with Burgundy and Red (Plus NOT PICTURED:  Montana Grey with diffusion)
beveled heart
red heart

New! Czech Glass 11x13mm OPAQUE RED #CZ834
Horizontal Drilled Heart Beads

Sold by the piece
.45 per bead
Holes go across the heart instead of Up and Down!

horizontal drilled heart


Czech Glass Fire Polish Fireball Pendants
4mm beads wrapped up into a ball
bail attached
Size is approximately 12mm
2.50 each
Available in assorted colors (all are AB)
Top Row: Brown, Cobalt, Amethyst, Rose, Light Siam
Bottom Row: Garnet, Emerald, Opal, Yellow and Aquamarine
Not Pictured: CrystalAB, Black


Czech Glass Fire Polish Smooth Rondelle Beads
4x7mm Smooth Saucer Shape Rondelle
$5.00 per hundred
Available in: Sapphire Blue, Crystal Clear, Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Jet Black


Czech Glass Fire Polish Beads
$5.00 per hundred = 4mm
$6.00 per hundred = 6mm
$8.00 per hundred = 8mm
Available in colors below, plus Lavender and Capri Blue


Czech Glass Faceted Cross Pendants
$2.50 each
Approx 1" long, made of faceted Czech glass, with a silver bail.

Available in:
Lt Amethyst Black
Clr Crystal Aquamarine Dk Amethyst

Lt Sapphire Smoky Topaz Light Rose Dk Sapphire Peridot Ruby

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